Exact Audio Copy -- copy audio tracks from a CD to your hard drive. Copied tracks are in the wave file format that is compatible with i2Workout.

MPEG Suite -- WAV file to MP3 converter.

Windows Media Player -- free Microsoft windows program. Makes asx playlist files used by i2Workout.

LAME Encoder Download Page -- free MP3 encoder.

L.A.M.E. Official Home Page -- LAME (LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder) MP3 encoder home.

Fitwise.com -- Free Health & Fitness Information. Software and  Website Links.

Fitness Calculator -- determine your fitness level with the calculator at Fitwise.com

Drug Free Body Building -- Bodybuilding For The Genetically Average Joe. Free Weightlifting

www.frety.com -- New web search engine  born on 19-Jul-2004?!

Wave Splitter -- use this program to create a graph of a sound file. I used this program to discover the "secrets" of the iFit.com chirp.

XV132 -- this is a file editor used to examine file bytes. I use this to learn about the file structures.